Monday, February 21, 2011


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 81

I went back to work today, working the island of Longboat Key.  After work I came home and did some Messing About the boat.  I bought a big trolling motor and have to change the connector plug.  I opened up the panel where the trolling motor plugs into the boat and found a little corrosion on the receptacle.  I went to the local Key West dealer and purchased a new connector and receptacle for $22 total.  I came home and tried to crimp the new plug on the trolling motor.  As luck would have it, I screwed up the 4th of 4 crimps and have to wait and buy new crimp connectors. 

Tomorrow I work the Venice area, which is closest to home.  I should have time to do some more boat work when I get home.  I want to get the trolling motor finished so I can fish it this weekend.  I leave Monday for business meetings in California next week.

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