Saturday, February 26, 2011


Home in PC
High of 84 today

Regular readers of the blog will remember that last month my son Ryan came to visit for a long weekend and managed to land the family's first Snook fish.  A pig by snook standards, measuring about 32" long and weighing about 10 pounds.

Today after over 3 years of trying, I finally joined the Snook club.

This morning at 6:40AM, on my backyard dock, I cast a 1/4 ounce Badonkadonk pinfish lure toward this fella and he hit it hard. He ran across the canal, taking my 10lb test with him. I pursuaded him back toward me but he decided to take the show with him beneath my boat lift. I took advantage of that and walked the dock, reeling in line as I approached him. That's all it took to land him. I had to take a chance and set the rod in the holder, in order to run up to the house and wake up my very understanding wife out of a dead sleep.  I risked coming back to find an empty line but it worked out for me.  He was still there.  As for my wife...

She was delirious but supportive and took the picture to keep this from becoming just another fish story. The first is always special. I'm happy to say, he was released alive and well.

Snook are currently endangered and out of season due to a record setting cold snap in December, 2010, when we uncurred 10 days of 28* temps.  Thank goodness that'sall over.

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