Friday, February 18, 2011


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Home in Port Charlotte
High of 82*

My friend from Arizona, Mike, joined me for a day of Messing About in South Florida today.

Launched at 550AM to a beautiful, smooth as glass, Charlotte Harbor.

Made the run from my house to Boca Grande Pass at 30 knots, feeling like I was flying on air instead of planning on water. Harbor water was 70*, air temperature was 55*.

Spent the day in the Gulf, trolling north, 3-4 miles off shore to 300-400 feet off the beach, in depths varying from 10' to 30'. No hits. Gulf water was 63*.

Visited Gasparilla Marina and took 45 gallons of marine grade fuel at $4.23.
We were now enjoying air temperatures near 80 with no detectable humidity.

Back to the Gulf and trolled north to Stump Pass. Took advantage of my shallow draft and snuck through less than 2' of water. Entered Lemon Bay and enjoyed water color that reminds me of the Bahamas. Drift fished casting lures and later anchored down for a while. No fish.

Spoke with my new friend, Big House, by phone and compared notes. He was in Charlotte Harbor on his boat and was experiencing similar results. We were too far apart to meet up today but I look forward to doing so in the near future.

By 430PM the calm had given way to 15MPH winds and still enjoyable 2' seas. Trolled South in the Gulf in depths of 30' back to and through Boca Grande Pass. Saw a fool with a pedal boat in the middle of shark infested BGP.

The new (to me) Key West 196 Bay Reef boat performed flawlessly. The Yamaha 150 outboard was the perfect power plant. To have a boat that can go skinny diping in 12", yet give complete confidence 4 miles off shore in a light chop...yeah, I'm happy with the boat.

By the time we arrived home we had logged over 90 miles on the day. Even though we were skunked by the fish, it was one of the best days I've spent on these waters.

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