Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 89, morning and evening downpours, sunny mid-day

The active hurricane season continues.  Tropical Storm Maria is out in the Atlantic. I will be watching her closely, as I'm flying to PR on Monday.  Early models give her a chance of landfall there on Sunday; others have her following Hurricane Katia away from land. Another tropical depression is forming in the southwestern Gulf near the Mexican peninsula. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile in Southwest Florida our rain continues.  We rec'd three inches yesterday.  I was awoken by our NOAA weather radio alarm at 3AM for a severe thunderstorm warning with tornadic conditions possible.  I stayed up until 4 and went back to bed.  Sunrise brought light showers until 10AM but there's a huge squall headed our way that will make for an interesting afternoon.

Photos are below.

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