Thursday, September 15, 2011


San Juan, Puerto Rico
High of 85 low humidity

After a week of work here on the island I'm more than ready to head for home.
I was able to get a free upgrade to first class on my flight from Tampa to PR and my return flight tomorrow has every first class seat available again, so I'm hopeful again.

The weather here has been nice all week.  Tuesday we had off and on rain from the outer bands of TS Maria but I have spent much of the week indoors, leading training sessions.

The days here are very long, as there is much work to do and limited time to do it.  I have been waking up at 430 and 415 each of the last two days.  I went out on the ocean front patio at the Marriott last night before dinner and was promptly biten by dozens of mosquitos.  Even in Florida I don't think I'll soon get used to skeeters.  My skin is so sensitive to them and I itch like crazy.  Of course this could be controlled with Deet or Off but the bugs are not always present, so I don't always have spray with me.

It's 730 and my class started at 6AM.  I have been done for about an hour but my colleagues are still working in the office and they are my ride back to the hotel.  It will likely be a very late dinner tonight.  My flight leaves at 11 tomorrow so at least I can sleep in until sunrise.

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