Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hampton Inn, Richmond, VA
73* at wakeup

I've been sick with a sinus thing all week long in VA Beach, Newport News, Richmond.
Monday and Tuesday were both poor nights of sleep.  Last night was a little better after I tried one of those Breathe Right nose strips that looks like a bandaid.  I certainly opened me up a bit and made it easier to breathe.

I'm working Richmond today and have a 4:30 departure, so it will be a short work day but a long day of travel.  I'm up at 4:30AM.  I will be changing planes in Atlanta at 6PM, with a 3 hour layover.  Departing at 9 and landing at 10:47PM in Fort Myers.  With the drive home, I should be at my door at midnight.  I'll take that over another hotel night and Friday afternoon arrival.

Next week I will be working the 5 locations closest to my home so I'll be in my own bed all week.
That's a rare treat for me.

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