Monday, February 4, 2008

Groundhog Day

Home in Port Charlotte, high of 83 today

The sale of the Phoenix house is like groundhog day. We continue to be told we are in someone's top 2, only to never hear from that prospect again. All thoughts of boats are officially on hold now. One step at a time dictates we focus all thoughts and prayers on being reunited as a family, my bride and I, and that can only happen with the sale of that house.

My week in SOFLO will be a busy one. Tuesday in Longboat Key, Wednesday teaching in Venice, departing that night for a 3 hour drive to Miami. Up early Thursday for 11 hours working/teaching in Miami, followed by 3 hours driving home and ending the week attending a seminar on Friday on Florida's chemical applicator laws and best managment practices. That will be in Fort Myers.

Next week will be a little slower, with every night in my condo and I'll get to go see my bride on the 15th. We both really need that.

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