Friday, February 29, 2008

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

Port Charlotte, 70 degrees

I'm kicking back at the home office today, recovering from a brief but busy 3 day road trip. I have two days here and then I'm off and running to the Atlantic coastline next week. I'll depart Sunday afternoon, drive about 3.5 hours to Fort Pierce and then start 4 branches, in four cities, out of 4 hotels in four days. I will return to Port Charlotte for two days rest and then it's off to Washington DC to start 6 cities in 5 days. I'm tired just thinking of it. Here's some good news: I booked a flight to PHX on March 21 for a weekend with my bride. Billy II has a birthday on the 25th too, so it will be nice to see him.

Yesterday was spent in Key Largo at a high dollar community called Ocean Reef. I was told it was an HOA that became a city. Reportedly, the community membership fees are 250k a year. Looking around, I believe it. Most of the homes are hidden from street view by a tropical wonderland of landscape. The marina shows you the type of money that must live here. Check out the above mega yacht docked on the canal.

The 3rd picture shows what must be a full time crew man up top. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. I had to Google this ship to find out more. It turns out to be a 161' Trinity Yacht with a 28' beam. It has 4 king staterooms and a twin, plus crew quarters for 9. It burns 130 gallons per hour at cruising speed. I don't think I can afford it.

Here's a web site link to Lady Michelle.

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