Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Hampton Inn, Islamorada
High of 88, nice evening sea breeze
Last night my son Billy arrived from Phoenix. I can't believe how tall he has gotten and how long his hair has grown. His voice is quite deep too. My youngest is quickly becoming a young man.
He and I fished the dock behind our house and I actually landed a fish. It was an Alligator Gar Fish; lots of nasty teeth and he was none too happy to be caught. Since they are federally protected fish, I was happy to give him a successful release back into my canal. I'm sorry I don't have a picture but you might want to google them. They are nasty looking fish.
This afternoon Kathy and Billy and I made the 4 hour drive to Islamorada in the Florida Keys. On the way down, as we crossed the Florida Everglades on US 41, we encountered a huge gang of gators hanging out on the roadside, near a Park Service station. We stopped for the above photos, then got on our way. Once in Islamorada, we got our usual room, 109, at the Hampton Inn. Tomorrow I will head to work in Homestead and Kathy and Billy will hang out on the beach.
Monday morning I ran a strong 5.1 miles. I will run again on Wednesday. I have a 5AM wakeup call.

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