Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Four Seasons Hotel
Westlake Village, CA

My annual meeting is halfway done and it's going good. I received my review which also brought good news. Tuesday morning I did 4.75 miles on a treadmill at the hotel. They have a really nice fitness center with tons of machines, free weights, a huge pool and spa. This morning I woke at 5 AM and did some laps in the pool, followed by some stretching in the hot tub.

I was feeling poorly yesterday afternoon, with some stomach/abdominal pains but it went away by dinner time. Today I woke up with a sore throat and some congestion. I haven't been sick in a few years. I'm hoping it's just climate change, like the headache I had in Phoenix. I took some Airborne and will take another couple of doses later. I really don't want to be sick.

Today it's more office meetings in the daytime and a company hosted beach party in Malibu tonight. I will evaluate my health before deciding if I'm going out in the cool, damp, night air for three hours.

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