Saturday, June 13, 2009


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 91

The past week was spent working on the road, with young Billy as my travelling companion. We had a great time together and he showed a genuine interest in my work. By the second day, he knew what sort of things I would look for as we drove around inspecting the work crews safety practices. He sat in on my CPR review classes and he was very polite and well behaved. Both Kathy and I can't get over how he has matured in the past year. We have had a very nice visit with him and we're sure he's glad he came.

Today I completed a project in my storage shed/shop. There was a badly decaying 2x4 in the ceiling. I don't know how old the shed is, but the house is 27 years old. Someone had cut a hole in the roof of the shed to install an air vent and while the overhang of the house roof covers the vented hole in the shed, it was apparent that years of rain had worked it's way into this wood beam and destroyed it. I removed the bad wood and the vent screen, installed new beams and applied caulk to the seams to try and limit new water exposure.

My neighbor Bob had his shop repaired this past week and he had some left over R19 ceiling insulation that he offered to give me. I accepted and installed it, covering about half of my shop.

Kathy is working on a a few backyard art projects but I can't reveal them until they are done. One of them involves some woodwork help from me so I bought the materials for that today, along with a miter box and saw. I haven't used a miter box since 8th grade shop class but it was just what I needed today. I brought Billy out and showed him how to use it and let him saw one of the boards for the project. He's going into 8th grade this year but he said woodshop is a high school class now.

So far this month the Atlantic Hurricane season has been quiet, with no activity in the tropics.

We are looking forward to coming to Phoenix late next week and would like to invite our friends to join us for happy hour on Friday night, at Chili's near our old house. If you're interested, send an email and we'll get you the details.

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