Monday, June 22, 2009


Phoenix, Sky Harbor
91*, going to 105

The weekend flew by. Friday I started the day at 330AM, local time, and ran 4.4 miles in beautiful 81 degree, dry weather. I had a 7AM conference call and did some office work. We went to see the twin grandsons, Dylan and Devin, play baseball in Fountain Hills. We went to Lake Pleasant to see our former boat neighbors, Nolan and Nancy. We saw some other friends there as well but came away with the conclusion that the marina has changed in so many negative ways we have no regrets being gone, except for missing our friends who mean so much. We went for a little boat ride on the lake and that brought back some more nice memories from the past. Friday night we met with about 20 friends and family at a Chili's restaurant and closed the place down.

Saturday morning I did more office work from 6-2 then my eldest son, Ryan, and his wife, Bonnie, arrived with their two sons, Ethan and Owen. It was our first time meeting baby Owen and he was just as precious as we could have imagined. Ethan, who turned 2 in February, is already speaking clear sentences. Ryan and Bonnie are wonderful parents are we are so very proud of them. We spent the day playing with the kids and catching up, as our hosts Heather and Curtis readied the grill for Pappy's barbecue baby back ribs. It was a great day for all.

Sunday, Father's Day, I awoke at 5AM local time and did another 4.4 mile run. The morning was spent at Heather's house with Grand-twins, Dylan and Devin, in the morning while Mimi (Kathy) made her famous bacon, egg, cheese bagel sandwiches for breakfast. In the afternoon Kathy and I picked up our teens, Stephanie and Billy, and went out to eat and saw a movie. The movie was "The Taking of Pelham 123," and I predict an Oscar nomination for John Travolta. The movie was great. I got a call from my 22 year old, Kimber, so I had contact with all of my kids on Father's Day, which was all I wanted.

This morning, Monday, I fly to Burbank for 4 days of business meetings in Calabasas. The weather in Phoenix is going up all week to an expected high of 110 on Friday. I guess I have quickly acclimated to the tropics of Florida because 102 yesterday was a scorcher on me. I'll check back some evening this week for another update. Thanks to all those who read the blog on a regular basis. We recently topped 10,000 hits on the site.

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