Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Tuesday night
Hilton Garden Inn
Boston, MA
High of 93 but dry; overnight low off 64 expected

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A quick trip to Boston was made more tolerable by spending a nice evening walking the Harbor Pier.  This is one of America's most history rich cities.  It's amazing to see signs commemorating towns founded in the 1600s when I know the US didn't declare its independance until 1776.  Seeing the amount of commuters who use the ferries after their workday was also interesting.  The weather here was not disappointing.  A high of 83 on Monday turned to 93 on Tuesday.  With low humidity it made it quite nice.

Last Saturday I intended to launch my boat and take 3 guys fishing off shore but once again I was fooled by a boat that didn't want to start.  The starter has been giving me fits lately but a quick rap with a hammer had previously solved the sticking points.  Saturday my rap came to an end when after over an hour of trying, I had to give up and cancel the trip.  No one was more disappointed than me.  Between battling the tides and the breakdowns, this boat sits more than it floats.

I knew it wasn't the batteries, as I checked them with a meter.  Starboard showed 12.6 volts and port 12.2.
I then tried to remove the starter, which couldn't possibly have been installed any lower in the bilge.  The first rusty bolt I turned broke off, leaving the threads in the hole.  Oh boy.  I have had it with this particular vessel.  I know many will say that all boats are money pits but our Sea Ray 330 never gave us fits like this one.  The Sea Ray motor bilge was big enough for 3 adult men to stand in.  This boat's bilge is a shoe box.  I can't get access to what I need to maintain it.  Now I see why smaller boats come with outboard motors; so you can work on them while standing.

Wednesday morning after breakfast in Baltimore I boarded the plane to Baltimore for a connecting flight home.  After a light lunch and an hour delay in Baltimore I got into Tampa at 2:15PM.  I arrived home at 4:30PM, had dinner with Kathy and then promptly departed again for a 3 hour drive across Florida to Stuart.  It's 9:18PM and I'm ready for bed.  I'll work two seperate branches tomorrow, Stuart in the morning and Fort Pierce in the afternoon before heading home for the weekend tomorrow night.  Next week I'm in California and then some down time in Phoenix.

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