Monday, August 30, 2010


Tampa Intn'l Airport
Headed to Washington DC

Hurricane Earl evolved while I was asleep at the blog.  I last checked in a week ago, when Danielle was but a Tropical Storm and Earl was a low pressure system just off the African coast.  Since then, Danielle went major, back to minor and Earl went straight up to a major category 3 hurricane, with 120 MPH winds, threatening my friends and colleagues in Puerto Rico.  Danielle is now a category 1 and ready to break apart as she continues lost in the cooler waters of the north Atlantic. 

I am headed to the Washington DC metro area this morning.  Earl has a chance to brush the Eastern US coastline from Carolina to New England.  Interests there should begin preparing for a major strike, just in case.  My daughter Stephanie is presently living on an Emerald Isle, NC, pictured below.  This is her first hurricane season and her first storm preparation.

I spend three days in California working my butt off, with 15 hour days for two of the three.  I then spent time in Arizona with my Dad, my son, my grandsons and my Mom.  I went to a 27th year mini reunion and took my Mom as my date, since she was a teacher at my high school for 32 years.  She was the life of the party.  Everyone was thrilled to see her.  I was amazed at how many of my classmates look like they just stepped off the pages of our yearbook.  It was a nice time for all, especially my Mom.  Here's a photo.

Stay tuned for hurricane updates all week  Until then, it"s boarding time.

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