Thursday, August 5, 2010


San Juan, Puerto Rico
Low 79, High 86
daily periods of rain

I arrived here last night at 6PM.  We used to stay at the Marriott Isla Verde resort but since my colleague, David, is here so often he rented an apartment in San Juan.  For what he used to pay for a week in the Marriott, he rents a 3/2 furnished apartment for the whole month.  Whenever company folks visit from the mainland, they have the option of using the apartment and saving budget money.

There are currently 5 of us in the apartment.  David and his wife, Luz, an estimator named from Homestead, Mike, our sales guy, Willie, who lives on the west side of Puerto Rico about 2-3 hours from San Juan and I.  Willie took the couch so I had my own room.  It's no beach resort but it saves the company $200 a night and in this economy, the job I save may be my own.

Business here has exploded since my last trip here in April.  They have gone from 1 jobsite to 15.  Revenue has more than tripled since we opened the doors here last October.

Tropical Storm Colin fell apart late Tuesday night.  However it is now regaining some slight organization to where it may regain TS status later Thursday.  Either way, it is not a dangerous threat to the island.

I made the decison to improve my Spanish language skills so that I can teach all of my classes in Spanish, as well as English.  I am using the Rosetta Stone program and am quite impressed with the quality of the program.  I have been able to speak Spanish, so long as I control the conversation and the other person never asks me any questions.  Seriously, I speak more than I comprehend and even then, my grammer is poor.  I look forward to greatly improving my skills.

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