Monday, August 2, 2010

SPEND $1, SAVE $107

Home in Port Charlotte
short heavy downpour, 79*, 92% rh

If you haven't read yesterday's posting, read it before this one.

While posting the photograph of the hydro line I suddenly realized that it might not be the hose or line at all, but the lousy hose clamp.  I went to Napa Auto and bought a one dollar hose clamp that stopped the power steering leak.  I was able to cancel the order I had placed with Marine Parts Express, saving $107.  I'm sure the boat will find some other good use for that money.

The storm system I spoke of yesterday has been tagged as Tropical Depression #4.  It is presently 2800 miles away from my home port and forecast to gain to Tropical Storm strength as early as Tuesday.  The current sustained winds are 35 MPH.  The good news is that almost all computer track predictions have it going north in the Atlantic, well away from any US landfall.  It is a really fast moving storm, making its way across the sea at 23 MPH.  The organized center of the storm now is a fraction of the size of the original tropical wave that formed.

My boy Billy heads back to Phoenix tomorrow after a 3 week visit with Dad.  He starts his freshman year of high school in a few weeks.  This is my youngest and I can't help but silently chant....four more years....four more years.

We didn't do many activities together, during his visit, but we certainly enjoyed each others company.  All he really wanted to do was stay home and play his Xbox computer game.  I decided this was his summer vacation and if that's what he wanted to do, that's what I'd let him do.  We did enjoy a nice MLB game in Miami, when we were treated to second row seats behind the visitor's dugout.

I have really enjoyed spending 3 weeks without getting on an airplane. Wednesday I head back to the grind. I'm sure I will encounted wet weather in Puerto Rico as the outer bands of the storm pass by to the north of the island.  I will post updates here later in the week.

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