Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Home in Port Charlotte
High of 95, low of 79; brief shower

Today was car and yard day.  I took Kathy's car in for service and then to the car wash.  When I came home I mowed two lawns and trimmed some palms.  I took the debris to the dump station and then came home and showered.  Kathy and I went to the library, where I renewed my latest Travis McGee novel and picked up another one for the next couple of weeks.  I also picked up two more Jimmy Buffett CDs to enjoy; 2003's Meet Me In Margaritaville and 2006's Take The Weather With You.

After the library we went to Applebees for an early dinner.  We came home and watched a Netflix movie; Kill Shot.  It was just okay but the company and my new chair was nice.  I don't know if I blogged about the new chair but I've always wanted to have a theatre style reclining love seat and we got one recently.  It makes my time at home even nicer.

I recently acquired some chemicals to kill the undesirable weed grass in my yard but it will not kill my burmuda sod. Most of my yard is now browned out but it will be worth it, as the nuisance weedy grass (signal grass, crab grass and goose grass) was taking over my nice burmuda sod.  With the agressive weedy grass killed off, the burmuda can now spread and fill in.  After the movie I watered my sod.  Tomorrow I have to aerate, which is the process of punching holes in the grass so that water and nutrients can better reach the root zone.

Monday I fly out to Southern California for meetings at the mother ship.  Wednesday night I will fly into Phoenix for a few days of family time with kids, grandkids and parents.  Next Sunday I come back to SOFL, only to depart on Monday for an unexpected trip to Washington, DC for work.  If you are thinking you missed the part where I'm boating and haven't missed it because I haven't done it.  It's just a couple of days at home for me, which is a rare and cherished treat.

I recently got into back into contact with my oldest childhood friend, Mike T.  He and his wife Jacie are planning a visit to us in February.  I will take some time off to spend with them and do a few days in the Keys.  They've never been to Florida and Kathy & I haven't seen them since about 2005.

Above is a rainbow shot I captured last week while driving from the Atlantic to the Gulf side of Florida, on my way home from work.

I'm spending Saturday night at home continuing my latest Travis McGee novel and enjoying Barcardi Rum.
Tropical Depression 6 has formed in the very far east Atlantic.  It is forecast to become Danielle, possible a hurricane, as early as Monday.  It is also forecast to continue north into the Atlantic ocean and not make landfall anywhere at all, much less in South Florida.

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