Monday, March 3, 2008

From the Port to the Fort

Palm Beach County, high of 77.

Sunday afternoon I left Port Charlotte and travelled 150 miles east to the Atlantic coast, checking into the Fort Pierce Hampton Inn. I was quite impressed with the room. It was HUGE. I headed out to the Fort Pierce Inlet and Jetty, which is a spot where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian River. The locals built a long concrete pier which runs about 200 yards out into the ocean, this is called the Jetty. You can walk to the end and fish or sight see. Very cool.

Monday was spent working in and around Fort Pierce. After work I headed about 60 miles south to Juno Beach and checked into another Hampton Inn. This one was not nearly as impressive but it was still nice.

Tuesday I'll wake at 5AM and be at our West Palm Beach branch at 630 for a days work.

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