Monday, August 18, 2008

Rest while we can

Monday night:
At 10:15PM, the storm has slowed in its movement. We are getting mild winds here in Port Charlotte, maybe 10MPH sustained. We are going to go to bed and get some rest while we can. We are still anticipating declining weather throughout the night and into the morning. I normally wake up at 6AM est. and will post an update as long as I can get WiFi. Feel free to click the comment button at the bottom of this page and let us know you are following along. Goodnight from South Florida.

At 8PM eastern time, the center of the storm is approximately 105 miles south of Naples, which puts her about 160 miles south of us. All preparation is complete. One thing we learned today was about parking my truck sideways in my driveway, directly in front of the garage door. This is supposed to help deflect wind away from the garage, which can be a weak point.

I just mowed the lawn so I won't have to worry about it later in the week.
The skies are grey but calm. Wind is only occasional at this time. There has not been any rain since early this morning. The boat is very ready. I raised the lift to max point to reduce swinging and installed 2x8x16 boards along the frame work to further reduce swinging. There are docklines at all four points, with enough room for a storm surge that would bring Noah out. I think we are good.

The storm is still at Tropical Storm status and is not expected to gain hurricane strength before making landfall. The danger now is possible tornados following the storm. All windows in our house are boarded up. Our neighbors have done the same. I will try to post another update later this evening.

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