Monday, August 25, 2008

A storm, by any other name . . .

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The big orange circle is a wave of tropical pressure called L25.

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Tuesday at 5 Am est.
I awoke to find Gustav is now a Category 1 Hurricane. His position hasn't changed much from my blog below. Daily updates will follow this storm.
Home in Port Charlotte

The system formerly known as L24 (for those who have been following along) now has a real name. Today the National Hurricane Center in Miami officially dubbed Tropical Storm Gustav.

This is the 7th named storm of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Gustav is presently south of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. A hurricane warning is in effect for that region. As if Gustav wasn't enough, L25 trails the same path by about a 500 mile lag. The above photo shows Fay, still hanging on in the area of Alabama/Louisiana; Gustav on deck; and L25 in the hole waiting it's turn.

If you haven't checked this blog lately, I encourage you to click at the bottom where it says Older Posts and you can see what you've missed. I have been updating quite often during this active storm season.

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sbaesen said...

Love ya!

rayd said...

this post lives on.
just found this blog and since Iy just bought a home in pc it peaked my interest.
can't stop reading about your adventures.
never know I might run into you when I get a boat
great read