Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That Fay is one stubborn _ _ _ _ _

4PM est. satellite shows Fay's center over Lake Okeechobee.
Click on this picture to enlarge and notice the eye beginning to form.

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As TS Fay stalls over Lake Okeechobee, a new tropical wave called 94L has formed 2500 miles into the Atlantic.

4:45PM est.
I just took half of the window boards off the house to let some sunshine in. It's sure nice to see outside again! We have been getting steady rain for much of the afternoon but the threat of Fay is no longer our problem. All weather watches and warnings have been removed from the Gulf Coast of Florida. The top photograph shows Fay's present position (actually gaining strength overland while moving toward the Atlantic) and a new system tagged 94L. There is a 50% chance that 94L doesn't become a tropical cyclone. Don't you love optimism? I don't know if we will meet Gustav by week's end but I have a feeling that Fay will reach Category 1 Hurricane status when she hits the open water again. By the way, for those of you looking to fill in the blanks in this chapter's title. It's S T O R M. What were you thinking?

11:30AM est.
The storm continues to move further away from our location. The severe weather warnings and watches on our coast have all expired, but remain in effect for the Atlantic coastline. Looks like we have dodged this bullet but don't breath a sigh of relief too soon. There is a new tropical wave of pressure being tracked off the coast of Africa. The next named storm will be Gustav.

8:45AM est.
Morning is upon us and the wind is picking up slightly. We are under a tornado watch until 12:30PM. Some areas of Fort Myers received 5" of rain and experienced street flooding. The above picture gives you an idea of the current storm track and where we are. It is raining very lightly in Port Charlotte. The worst part of the system is on the right hand side of it and we stayed on the left.

5:45AM est.
I awoke to the sweet sounds of silence. It appears the storm stayed south of us, making landfall at Marco Island and then heading east, northeast. We remain under a tropical storm warning but the hurricane warning has expired. As far as I can tell we didn't even get heavy rain yet. But I don't know...I may have slept through it.

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