Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pump Out the Volume, Pump Out the Volume . . .

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This image from today at 1:45PM shows Fay's tail still dumping rain on our house.

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Here is the latest position of 94L

Scattered downpours; partly sunny

Fay just won't die. While she turns northeast Florida neighborhoods into raging rivers, her reaches into our neighborhood, 200 miles away from her center, continue to leave us drenched. We suffered no damage, except for having both batteries on the boat die out from constant running of our bilge pumps. We bought a $50 charger and cured both batteries. Today, we are pumping out volumes of water like crazy. We will look into having a shore power station installed in the future to keep our batteries charged. Cost analysis says since batteries cost $65 each, one time shore power cost would save not only batteries but potentially save the boat from bilge failure.

The tropical wave known as 94L has weakened somewhat but continues a northwesterly track. It's threat of becoming a named storm has been downgraded from medium to low, due to losing some organization, however there was a time that Fay received those same grades when she was but a wave of pressure. I wonder how that forecast turned out?

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Brian said...

I'm happy to hear all is well! I was going to call but had this brilliant idea of checking you blog first! Looks like it answered my questions. Stay safe over there and don't go surfing..