Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lucky 13

Hampton Inn
Ft. Pierce, FL
58 degrees at sundown

Today's workout called for:
5 minute brisk warm up walk
8 minute run
5 minute walk
8 minute run
5 minute cool down walk

I went to the hotel fitness center and started out on the treadmill but quickly realized the equipment was malfunctioning. I think the belt was loose. I abandoned the comforts of the indoors and headed outside. It was a little chilly in my running shorts and tank top but I didn't care. I had work to do. The run went as planned but I couldn't help but think about what it waiting for me on Friday; 20 minutes of running, no walking. I decided to try and push myself today to test my endurance. When I neared the end of the second interval 8 minute run I just kept going. I ran through the 5 minute cool down music, with a really wide strong stride for the final minute, for a 13 minute longest to date. I then did the cool down on my own. Today's total ended up being 21 minutes of running and 15 minutes of walking. I'm ready for Friday.

For dinner tonight, I inquired at the hotel desk and took their suggestion. Chuck's Seafood Restaurant is located on Hutchinson Island, across the causeway from Ft. Pierce's U.S. 1 Highway. It was nothing more than a small neighborhood bar but it has been there since 1961. The menu was very impressive. I enjoyed:

a cup of Concho Chowder
a ceasar salad
grilled/blackened Dolphin (mahi-mahi)
steamed veggies
3 Michelob Ultras

The bill before tip was $35. The food was very good. I'll be coming back here in four weeks when I return to Ft. Pierce to teach First Aid/CPR. By then I will be running 5k three times a week! I still say the best meal I have had in all of Florida is from the Fish House, in Key Largo, where I had the Dolphin served Hemingway style with the white wine cream sauce. I'm telling you...that is the best! When Kimber comes for Thanksgiving we are going to the keys and I will get to enjoy it again.

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good luck on your run today! Love ya!