Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shipping Out

Home in Port Charlotte
61 degrees at wakeup at 5 AM
Forecast high in the upper 70's

In the words of the late John Denver..."Hey it's good to be back home again."

That was a looooong trip. I was able to catch an earlier flight, so I got home Friday night instead of Saturday. As the plane approached Tampa International I could see the sun setting over the Gulf. I've been here for 11 months now and for the first time it really felt like I was coming home. Dad's paintjob in the living room, kitchen and family room looks great. I love the color scheme Kathy picked out.

Rolando and I are shipping out this morning to chase those King Mackeral in the Gulf. We will cross Charlotte Harbor, go through Boca Pass, enter the Gulf and head north. Will will troll from Boca Pass to Stump Pass, near Englewood. The marine forecast calls for North winds around 15 knots, seas 2-3 feet, bay waters a moderate chop. We will launch at 8 and return at 4, tide willing.

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