Tuesday, November 18, 2008

St. Lucie River

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A sculpture at my hotel: Dolphin fish in pursuit of flying fish

American Tug

M/V Broken Promise V

Hey, that's my wife's wine!

A 55+ yachting community (condos) with gorgeous docks

A condo community's docks, "Tarpon Bay" in St. Lucie, FL

Nice grass, huh? Wonder who does the landscape.....

The St. Lucie River in Stuart, FL

Stuart is one of the best boating communities in all of FL

7:00 AM Eastern
Hampton Inn
Stuart, FL
54 degrees at wakeup; high in the 70's

Last night I completed day 1 of week5 of the C25K plan. It was tough but I sure felt good about accomplishing it. The weather hasn't gotten quite as cold as they forecast and I have no problem with that. This new Hampton Inn is on the banks of the St. Lucie River, just west of the Atlantic intercoastal.

7:00 PM Eastern
Hampton Inn
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
70 degrees

During the work day I shot the above photos for your enjoyment. The green and white boat is an American Tug trawler, the first I have encountered so close up. Beautiful boat, docked at a 55+ condo complex on the St. Lucie river. These folks are minutes away from the intercoastal and the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean. Lucks sons o guns......

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