Thursday, December 18, 2008


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Above is a satellite image of just some of the Gulf Barrier Islands along the Intercoastal Waterway, south of Charlotte Harbor, Florida. Each Key is a separate island, less than a two hour boat ride from our home port.

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Above is a satellite image of Cabbage Key.
The large yacht parked dockside is 85' long.

Saturday morning update:
Home in Port Charlotte

I got home about 5PM, had a nice spaghetti dinner with my bride and was in bed by 8:30.
I awoke at 4AM and by 5AM I was running another 5k. The trainers are right. This does become addicting. There's a thick marine layer of fog this morning, with visibility down to less than a quarter mile. It should burn off by 9AM.

Doni and Keith are coming today and we are looking forward to hosting them on the water and in our home. The boating forecast calls for winds 5-10 knots, seas 2 feet and a light chop. We'll have clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine with a high of 80.

Thursday Miami, Friday Wellington

Hampton Inn
Wellington, FL
79 degrees, gorgeous

Wednesday after work brought day 2, week 9 of my running plan. Having completed my first ever 5k run on Monday, I had every intention of taking it easy and doing about 2.5 miles. Ooops, I felt so good running, I kept going and going and going. Another day, another 5k. :-)
My morning after soreness was much less on Thurday morning too. I could get used to this.

Our friends from Arizona, Doni and Keith, are on their way to South Florida. They will spend Friday, Sunday and Monday with Keith's daughter in St. Pete but Saturday will be with us. I have a nice day on the water planned. I will launch the boat at 10 AM in order to get out before low tide. I'll run over to Fishermans Village and tie off there, where Kathy and our visitors will join me around noon. We will head for the Intercoastal Waterway and cruise to Cabbage Key. This will be a first for all in our party. There is a restaurant there, that as local tales tell, was the setting for Jimmy Buffet's writing of Cheeseburger in Paradise. I posted pictures above to show our destination.

We plan on enjoying a 5:39PM sunset before heading for home. I have until 8PM to get under the short bridge before high tide.

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