Sunday, December 7, 2008


Home in Port Charlotte
64 degrees, going to a high of 74

Once again my bride and I have an empty nest. Kimber is back in Mesa and Dad is on the road toward Arizona. He is presently near Pensacola. Our next visitors will be Doni and Keith, who will be here for one day on December 18. After that, Stephanie will return for spring break in March.

Yesterday Kathy learned how to ride the lawn tractor. She did great and had a fun time doing it. I am going to have to kill off a lot of crabgrass in order to plan a nice lawn in for this spring/summer. I decided to seed with Bahia grass, which is draught tolerant. That's important because we don't have an automatic irrigation system. It also performs very well in hot/wet climates, which describes our summer.

Rolando and I spent some time fishing on the canal yesterday but with no bites. I threw a brand new lure into the mangrove trees on the near side of the canal, but over the water. Rolando said, "well you just lost that lure." I proved him wrong by getting the dock hook from my boat, venturing into the brush and retrieving that new lure.

I did my workout, week 7, day 3 of the C25k plan. I ran 25 minutes, covering just over 2 miles. Next week I increase to 28 minute runs.

This coming week I will be on the Gulf side Monday-Wednesday and on the Atlantic side Thursday-Friday.

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