Monday, December 8, 2008


Home in PC
High of 75
Yesterday we got bit by the Christmas bug and put some decorations up at our house.

After work today I completed day 1 of week 8 of the Couch to 5K running program. I ran 28 minutes without walking, my longest run to date. The podcast for this week had some remixes of music that I've heard before and found to be very motivating. There's some lyrics that go, "Is this the truth, is this the truth, is this the truth...or just a dream." It made me think about my training program. I truly believe I have turned the corner toward physical fitness and I'm no longer just dreaming about it.

Late today, I also did a little boat maintenance, checking the water in the batteries and hooking up the shore power to charge them. I'm not sure I wrote about that but Dad and I successfully installed a shore power station and a new fresh water station at our backyard dock.

Dad is in Texas, figuring to be home in AZ around Thursday, weather permitting.

The other pictures above were the sunrise I shot over Palm Beach County last week on my trip to the other side of Florida. Click on them to get a full screen image. The one with the beams of light shooting through like tunnels from heaven is my favorite.

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