Sunday, January 3, 2010


Home in Port Charlotte
46 degrees!

Brrrrrrr. The entire country is enveloped in a cold snap and we are no exception. We have hit the upper 30's in this young new year and I don't like it at all. I didn't get to launch the boat over the holidays but we still had a lovely holiday season here.

For those of you who have been reading the blog for the entire 2 years, you may remember my first fishing friend in Florida. Pete from Buffalo was a snowbird who vacationed in my former condo complex here in PC. We had a great time fishing together in early '08. Last year he and his wife, Bonnie, skipped their annual trip south in favor of a kitchen makeover at home in Buffalo. He called me the other day to say they would be back this year, starting on January 27. I'm confident we will get out on the water.

Kathy and I saw the new George Clooney movie, "Up In The Air." It was good but not what I would call a Best Picture winner. I could certainly relate to the lead character, who spends his life in airports and hotels. I got my annual statement from Hilton Honors and found I have spent 125 nights in hotels in 2009. I didn't even take on the Northeast States until October, so 2010 will like exceed 200.

In reading the local fishing bulletin boards on the web I found another guy who shares my last name. He actually has the same name as my brother, Mike. We have corresponded a few times on email and his roots are also from Illinois. I gave him some more branches on my family tree and am awaiting his reply to see if we may be cousins. My Dad doesn't recall any nephews named Mike but you never know. It's funny because in all the years I lived in Arizona, I never met another Scully outside of my own family. I am now finding them all over the east coast.

Our new year's eve was spent next door at Rolando and Kathy's house for the second year in a row. Her brother and sister-in-law, Larry and Sue, are visiting from Michigan. We are enjoying their company, as well.

We have booked our tickets to Phoenix for May. My youngest daughter will graduate high school and my son, 8th grade. We hope to again have a get together at Chili's in Tramonto to catch up with many of you.

This week I will work the Gulf coast and sleep at home all week. I will get all weekends at home in January, as my travels keep my in Florida. I will spend 12 nights in hotels, 15 days visiting branch locations and have 5 office/travel days with which to do my 15 reports. My Dad and wife will meet me in the Keys for a few days of R&R coupled with my work there. You know what's missing? I won't be Up In The Air for the whole month. That alone is something worth celebrating. Happy New Year.

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