Saturday, January 23, 2010


Home in Port Charlotte
66 with fog at wake up.
High of 81 later today.

I returned home from my road trip late Thursday. It was sad seeing the empty space in the yard, where Dad's RV has been parked since December 13th. He left on Wednesday and is headed home to AZ. We had another great time and it's always sad when he leaves.

I spent all day Friday writing reports from my work week and beginning to make travel plans for February. I'll be teaching CPR classes in Philly, Boston, Richmond and Newport News. I'm hoping for decent weather up there because I'm going to drive 4 hours from Philly to Richmond. The flight is over $400 and that just doesn't make sense to me. The flights in and out of Florida are only $89. I will need to rental car in each city anyway so I'm just going to rent my car in PA and drive down to VA.

The cold weather gave way to a few beautiful days for the past week. Yesterday we had enough humidity we actually turned the on the air conditioner. We had some heavy rains, mid-day, then gusty winds. The tides have been lousy for trying to get the boat out. Winter tides are always lower than summer tides. I have to have enough water to get the boat off the lift. Unfortunately the periods of rising tides are in the middle of the night, lately. Pete from Buffalo comes in soon and we'll go fishing, even if I do have to launch at midnight. One I get out of my canal, the tide in the Harbor is always high enough to navigate the known channels. The problem only lies in coming/going from the canal and getting the boat on/off the lift. In the summer, I only have to worry about sneaking under the short bridge. I know, right?

I plan on spending the weekend at home, doing little projects. I have to take down the dog run we put up for Dad's girls. Next week Kathy will travel with me as we make our way to Homestead, Key Largo, Marathon and Key West, all for work but it's always a joy to be in Keys.

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