Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Chicago Midway International Airport
warm in the terminal

My Boston trip got better, following my "Rainy Day and Monday."  That night the front desk picked up my dinner and drink tab just to make me feel better.  Tuesday and Wednesday was uneventful business; save for the fact I got done early today and scrambled to change my Thursday flight to a Wednesday departure and spend an extra night in my own digs.

I jumped on the computer and, in my rush, accidentally changed my flight to one Thursday afternoon.  When I tried to change it again, I was denied and had to call an agent.  Fortunately they were able to book me on a Wednesday flight, leaving in 2 hours.  Hurry to to the hotel, pack, check out (no extra charge) and rush to Boston Logan.  My flight home would be through Chicago Midway and then on to Tampa.

I enjoyed 2 drinks on the flight (yes, only two) and the flight attendant refused my coupons, instead serving me on the house.  NICE!  I landed in Chicago at 520 PM and discovered there was a 440 PM departure to Tampa that hadn't left yet.  I wonder why?  I rushed to the gate and asked for a standby ticket.  The woman next to me, going to Houston, also must have had a flight change because she asked about her baggage making the plane and was told her baggage would not arrive at the airport until much later than she.  Oh crap, I checked bags too.  I decided the 2 hour early arrival wouldn't be worth it since I'd have to drive 3 hours round trip to get my baggage back from the later flight.

I called my wife to check in and as I was walking through the terminal it hit me.  CRAP!  Why am I flying to Tampa?  My truck is in FORT MYERS!!!  (almost 200 miles from Tampa)  Kathy asked me, "Are you KIDDING ME?"

I don't know why she always asks me that when I screw something up, because I have yet to kid her about this stuff.  I told her not to worry, that I would find a ride to my truck.  The dilemna is always, where to fly in/out of.  Tampa is 1.5 hours north of our house.  Ft. Myers is 1 hour south of us.  I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

I called my company counterpart, Ken, who covers north Florida and 9 other States from his home in Tampa.  Who knew if he would be in Atlanta or Memphis or NC or SC or STL or Alabama or whereever else he works.  You see, I'm not the only one living "on the road".  JACKPOT, he was home!  He was also scheduled for office days on Thursday and Friday.  He was more than willing to pick me up at 11PM, drive me 2.5 hours to Ft. Myers and 2.5 hours back to his house tonight.  What a guy!

I called Kathy back to tell her the good news and she was relieved.  She even invited Ken to stay in our guest room tonight and enjoy a little bed/breakfast, South Florida style.

I found my departure gate to Tampa and couldn't understand why we weren't boarding at 6:30 for the 6:50 flight.  The gate agent informed me that Chicago is on Central time, not Eastern time.  Oh.

As I settled in to my seat in the concourse I heard the people behind me talking about their flight to Ft. Myers.  Ft. Myers?  There's a flight to Ft. Myers?  Yeah but it's under delay and won't get in until 11 PM anyway.  Besides, my luggage is going to Tampa.  Oh well, it will be good to spend some time catching up with Ken.

Just then, Ken texted me and asked for my arrival flight information.  I looked at the gate board and couldn't tell if it said Flight 110 or 1110.  I was too tired to get up and walk over there so I figured I'd just look at my boarding pass.  Guess what it said?

Flight 222 to Fort Myers.


This whole mess about Tampa was my exhausted imagination.  I was never going to Tampa at any point today or tomorrow.  I gotta get some rest.  I'm 99% sure my truck is really at the Fort Myers airport.  I'll find out soon.  Not soon enough.  Flight 222 to Fort Myers is under delay.

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