Sunday, March 28, 2010


Home in Port Charlotte
Raining heavily at 8PM

At home we're in the middle of a rain event that is predicted to bring us 3".  It's off to a good start.  The rain started about 3PM and has really increased since the sun went down.  This weekend we did some spring planting.  The freeze of the century killed many plants in our area and in our own yard.  Kathy and I replaced 5 hybiscus' and transplanted 2 of our homegrown coconut trees from the canal bank to the yard.  We did a great job maintaining the root balls on the coconuts.  The yard grass is in bad shape.  I've got about 25% burmuda grass and the rest is a mix of weeds and undesireable native weed grasses.  All of the seeding we did last spring has gone for not.  With the limited time I spend at home, it's really tough to do what needs to be done.  I fertilized the burmuda and will continue to nurture it along.  Hopefully it will spread throughout the yard now that we are getting 80 degree temps.

I heard on the news tonight that California will have a measure on their ballot this year to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  The idea is to tax and sell it to help the State out of their 20 billion dollar hole.  That will be interesting to watch and see what comes next.

Monday I fly to Boston, returning home Thursday for a three day weekend.

UPDATED: Monday morning at 6:35AM, current FL satellite view

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