Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Key Largo Hilton
High of 78
Kathy joined me on the trip to the Keys.  She's doing 2 days in Key Largo and 2 days in Key West while I work during the days.  Sunrise over the Atlantic and sunset over the Gulf were the usual spectacular affairs.

I recently got the results of some routine blood lab work and the results were not good.  Last year I was doing so good with running and eating right, I lost 42 pounds.  Since stopping that regimen I gained back 25 pounds and sporatically walked for exercise.  Long story short, if I don't get my blood sugars, cholesterols and blood pressure in check I will be line for diebetes and and coronary artery disease.  At 44, my life is likely half over.  I need to live a lot smarter on the second half.

My new doctor is not a great help.  He gave me a "form letter" diet and told me to lose 20 pounds in 3 months.  I will be redoing my blood work then and if not improved he will recommend prescription medication for blood pressure and cholesterol.  He said I am dangerously close to diabetes and that is one of my biggest fears.  He gave me a guideline for an 1800 calorie per day diet.  It calls for my fat intake to be less than 30% of my total caloric intake.  He says to cut down my sodium but didn't say how much.  My own research says the USRDA for patients with hypertension is less than 1500 mg, so that will be my limit.

My biggest obstacle is the "on the road lifestyle my job requires.  I am forced to eat in restaurants 15-20 days per month.  My sister in California suggested I ask the restaurants for their nutritional value menus.  Well that must be a California thing because so far in two days I have yet to find one restaurant who will reveal this.  Each server asks the manager and says they don't have it.  So again, I'm on my own.

I can do lunches at Subway because they readily reveal their numbers.  Some other chains like Fridays, Chilis and Applebees have specific sections on the menu for low fat but I will have to watch out for hidden sodiums on spices and sauces.  Here was my menu for today:
Breakfast:  2 pieces wheat toast with creamy peanut butter, 1% fat yogurt and black coffee
Lunch:  Subway 6" chicken sandwich on wheat with apple slices (instead of chips) and water
Dinner:  8oz fresh mahi fillet, grilled plain, with steamed veggies and water.

My workout last night was 3.5 miles and tonight I did 4 miles.  I even ran the last mile tonight.  I'm also doing weight training with dumbells.

I kicked the fast food habit last year so that's not a challenge.  I have to be done with fried foods, chips, chicken wings, and all desserts.  I don't drink much soda, unless it's mixed with rum, but I have to take that to zero as well.  Above all else, I have to find a way to control my portions.  That's my biggest sin; overeating.  But I am determined and resolved.  I kicked cigarretes more than 3 years ago and I can do this now.  The Little River Band said it best.  And yes, it's time.

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