Monday, March 22, 2010


Madigans Waterfront Restaurant features fine and casual dining on the banks of the Occoquan River, VA.
River view of Madigans

The town of Occoquan was founded in 1857 by a single settler

This hotel building is dated 1865 and was the headquarters for General Wade Hampton during the Civil War

Views along the Occoquan

Woodbridge, VA (near Lorton)
Upper 60's, rain much of the day

I'm currently on a 5 day DC metro run.  I will do 5 branches in 5 days, flying home late Friday night.
Above are pictures from one of my regular dinner stops.  The Occoquan River feeds the Chesapeake Bay.

The boat is still sitting at home, waiting for me to figure out how to fix the power steering leak.  Shop repair manuals have been ordered and I'm hopefull they will help.

Saturday I was fishing the dock with Rolando (next door neighbor) when a pontoon boat came by on the canal with four people aboard.  The captain asked, "Who's messing about?"  I answered, "That's me."  He pointed out my boat to the others and said, "There's the boat that's too big for the bridge."  I realized he'd been reading my blog.  It turns out he's the guy who found the blog a year ago while researching moving from NJ to FL.  He had emailed me back then but I never heard from him until now.  It turns out he bought a house a few blocks from us. 

Speaking of blogs; I have been following the adventures of Abby Sunderland on her blog.  She's a 16 year old from California, circumnavigating the globe, non-stop, solo.  Upon completion, it will be a world record for the youngest to do so.  Check her story out at

Training update:  2 weeks into my program and I'm down 14 pounds.  I'm waking up at 4AM on this road trip to workout before the work day.

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