Monday, March 29, 2010


Today, Monday, I flew from home to Boston, via Baltimore. Flight delays caused me to tell my pre-arranged driver to forget about picking me up. I didn't want the poor guy hanging around until after 5 to get me from the airport and then have him miss dinner with his family. Besides, the hotel has a shuttle, right? Wrong.

It was dumping rain when I landed. I got my 3 bags from bag claim and called the hotel. They gave me instructions on how to get there via public tranportation. Does everyone take credit cards, I ask, because I never travel with cash. They assure me they do.

Two buses, a subway ride and a walk through the rain to a taxi stand had me and my luggage soaked.

I jumped in the first cab and told him my destination. 2 blocks later I thought to ask him if he takes credit cards. (Apply brakes here).

A 2 block walk back to the cab stand further drenched me, my luggage and its contents, as well as my laptop and phone. Have I mentioned the 3rd bag contains 10 CPR manikins?

Meanwhile back at the taxi stand, in the rain, I ask at least 10 drivers if they take credit cards. No, no, no, no.
I call the hotel and they tell me its only a 15 minute walk to get there. How much worse could my day get? I head out and determine, after 5 minutes, I am walking the wrong way.

Righting my course, the baggage is really getting heavy. After 15 minutes of walking, the hotel is nowhere in sight and the rain is really friggin' dumping down.

I tuck in under an awning and call the hotel. I pretty much beg them to come get me.

The desk clerk tells me to hail a cab and they'll be happy to pay the driver.

Eleven hours after leaving my house, I finally arrive at my hotel.

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