Monday, March 10, 2008

Back in the game

Newport News, VA 38 degrees at wake up, going to a high of 54

After a brief and eventfull weekend I wake up in Virginia ready to hit the work road. I'm sitting at the yard at 6:15 AM waiting for it to open. The branch manager didn't return my call yesterday asking what time they start, so here I sit. His report isn't looking too good to start. I could be having breakfast at the Hilton Garden instead of sitting outside the landscape yard, in the cold, waiting for the worker bees to show.

There has been substantial developments on the Phoenix house. 3 families have put various bids in, none of which involves selling the house at a profit but as they say, in this market you are lucky to get out with your credit in tact. One of the potential buyers is one of my former Phoenix customers, who coincidentally is married to a woman I used to date some 10 years ago. ???? I know.

The weather here is clear and will be tolerable this afternoon. My flight was good and I sat next to a woman who cruises the seas with her husband on a 42 Grand Banks. I was amazed but I guess as I live and work in coastal areas, I will meet more and more people who boat and cruise. She also keeps a blog on blogspot. I will have to check it out. I am finding more and more I am reading versus TV or radio. My mom the English teacher will be proud, right Mom?

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