Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fly in; move out

Phoenix, 60 degrees at wake up

I flew in here yesterday to join my bride for one last week in the house built for us. We will sign the papers on Tuesday, we have to do some packing of our critical stuff and then the movers come on Friday. Kathy's car gets picked up on the 31st and we fly "home" on April 1.

The live aboard idea has definitely been shelved for a few years. The economy, coupled with the disappearance of all equity from the Phoenix house has necessitated a change in plans. We have been looking at houses in the Port Charlotte area. There are plenty to chose from and we can still down size our life but still have a nice place. How about the above neighborhood, for less than 200k? That price includes concrete sea walls, concrete pilings, concrete decks, docks and boat lifts. How about that price including a boat? The only good thing about this housing recession is those, like us, who have to sell low can turn around and buy low too.
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