Friday, March 7, 2008

Time Out

Home in Port Charlotte; hit high of 87, currently 70 under tornado watch

Wednesday was spent in Jupiter, Thursday in Delray Beach then a 3 hour tour to the homeland on Port Charlotte. Thursday was a wacky work day. A worker in my company died on duty of a heart attack and I was called out to a golf course to investigate strange behavior from a female mow operator. I think the suspicions were confirmed when, while investigating her riding mower being stuck on a hillside, I witnessed her drive a golf cart right off a hillside, going airborn and splashing into the lake below. No, I'm not kidding. She wasn't injured so that was good. Sorry, but I have to laugh at what I saw. You could work occupational safety for a lifetime and not see that twice.

Wind blowing SW at 15 tonight, gusted earlier to 25. The tornado watch goes until 2 AM. I recouped all day today after a long week on the road. I leave Sunday for MD and VA and that will be an even longer week so I'm taking a much deserved time out today.

There is a sea food festival at Lashley Marina in Punta Gorda tomorrow. Its free admission, so I will try to motivate myself to go. I hate it when I only work and sleep so I need some activity.

One of the ways I pass my time is to read the blog of a guy who retired on a sailboat in 2001 and has been cruising the Gulf, the Atlantic and the Carribean ever since. He is a great inspiration to live life to the fullest. Last week, I emailed him and to my delight he replied. His web site can be found here:

Later this month, a replica of Christopher Columbus' ship the Nina will dock at Punta Gorda for a few weeks. It's a floating nautical museum. I look forward to seeing it.

We had a return visitor to the Phoenix house today. Some guy brought his mother back, with their realtor. Apparently the wife is in California and they are interested in our house. At least that's what their realtor told my bride. Fingers crossed, but I won't be waiting up for the offer sheet tonight.

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