Monday, March 10, 2008


Richmond, VA high of 58 degrees.

My friend/customer Don and his wife/my former g/f Kathy are now the signed pending owners of our Phoenix house. I can't believe it. THANK GUYS and ENJOY YOUR NEW DIGS!

So now the event we've waited four months for has happened. We won't even have to make the April payment. All we have to do is write a check for about $%&)$)#* dollars and we're free to pursue our new life in south Florida TOGETHER! Do I sound happy? Yeah, I am.

My bride was instrumental in putting this deal together and playing a great hostess to three families vying to occupy the most beautiful home Kahty and I have ever known. (Bitter sweet)
Couple number 2 wanted the house so much, after we declined their offer, they had flowers delivered to my bride at the house with a card begging us to reconsider letting them buy the home. WOW. Touching but maybe they should have saved the flowers and upped the offer.

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