Monday, October 20, 2008

Fresh Start

Hampton Inn
Pembroke Pines (near Ft. Lauderdale)

Boat verdict is in: Stuck thermostat (replaced); raw water circulation pump ok; impeller ok; oil & filter changed; lower unit drive gear oil dirty and smelly (changed); propeller mounts seized (replaced); props pulled and greased; fuel water separator filter changed. Not as serious as we feared it could be. Most of this is routine required maintenance stuff but if gone unchecked, we could be stranded again or worse yet...burn up the engine or drive. The boat should be ready on Thursday afternoon so I should be able to bring her home on Friday.

I started the revised workout tonight (for details, see posting from 10-19-08). I can tell it is going to be more intense than what I've been doing but I also think it's going to be more beneficial for what I'm trying to achieve. I also liked being done in 30 minutes instead of 90. I did the other workout for 7 weeks. With this one, I'm supposed to be running 3 miles non-stop (no walking) after 8 weeks.

I had dinner at Cracker Barrel. It's never been my favorite place but tonight was the most enjoyable meal I've ever had there. Perhaps my workout built up a bigger appetite, but it was a great meal. I had grilled catfish fillets, corn and mashed potatoes, with ice water.

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