Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hampton Inn
Islamorada, FL
75 degrees at 9PM

Alas my holiday vacation has ended and I must go back to work. What better way to stumble back into the old grind than by heading for the Florida Keys! Kathy got to join me and we are facing the Atlantic Ocean at the Hampton Inn, Islamorada. Except for the brilliant glow of the Little Diper and some of the other local stars (in the sky) it is dark. We will take some pictures tomorrow and get them posted.

We stopped in Key Largo for dinner at Rib Daddys. We split a rack of baby backs, some corn on the cob and such. This will be Kathy's first time at this hotel, but it's where I brought Kimber in November. Kathy will have to amuse herself, seaside, in a hammock all day while I go to work. We used to stay in Key Largo but that hotel changed hands and made some unwelcome changes. This one has much better views, free breakfast, a tiki bar, and an Outback Steakhouse on site. We shall opt, instead, for the Islamorada Fish Company at the Worldwide Sportsman (original Bass Pro Shop). We will also dine at Snooks bayside and visit our favorite bartender, Iris.

Congrats to my football team, the Arizona Cardinals, who played in their first NFL Playoff game at home in 61 years and prevailed. The Cardinals won, 30-24, scoring more points this weekend than any of the 8 playoff teams in the league. Next Saturday, they head for Carolina to face the Panthers. If they can win that game, they would be one victory away from the Super Bowl. (that sound you hear is me knocking on wood). The Super Bowl XLIII is being played 70 miles from my house and Kathy says if the Cardinals make it, we will have to get a temporary divorce because she knows I will be impossible to live with that week. But, that whole scenario is highly, highly unlikely. In fact, I will guarantee that the Cards won't make it (if it means I'm wrong).

Kathy's knee has been bothering her, so she is being placed on the injured list for 7 days of no running. I have had two days off and am ready to run along the Overseas Highway (US 1) tomorrow after work.

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