Saturday, January 24, 2009


Home in PC

Today was spent pruning my neighbor's palm trees. It was quite a physical task. Once, the pole pruner broke out of my hands and punched me in the gut leaving a noticable bruise. I am so sore, it would have been less strenuous to run 6 miles. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. My honey helped by dragging the palm fronds from the backyard to the front yard for the pickup by the County. Our debris pile was 50' long by 10' wide by 5' high. I earned $200 for this work and will use it to purchase some of the supplies we will need to install turf irrigation. We bought our grass seed today; Pensacola Bahia. This spring we will have a beautiful, lush green, new lawn.

After a few cold days, we hit 75 today and will be close to 80 for the coming week.

Dinner tonight was some fantastic chicken kabobs, with mushroom, green pepper, onion, and delicious pinapple. I have hit a new low on my scale at 244. That puts my net loss at 36 pounds from last summer. Only 44 to go.

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