Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Home in PC
High of 80

I taught a class today, for work, in Fort Myers. After work I picked up about 500 pounds of landscape mulch and started spreading it in our plant beds. Mulching in Florida landscapes is as popular as decorative granite rock in Phoenix. The mulch provides a decorative ground cover but more importantly it helps the plants retain ground moisture and decreases weeds and insects. Remulching beds in Florida is an annual affair.

Today was a no-run day but last night I ran 3.4 miles. I will run the same distance on Thursday.

The vacant lot on the other side of Rolando's (my next door neighbor) house has been listed on the market for $55,000. The seller had bought it several years ago for $169,000. Yeah, an unimproved 80 x 125 foot waterfront parcel. Can you say, recession?

Tonights low will be 64. The HIGH on Saturday will be 63. One of the nicer things about living here is that there is no brown cloud. I guess it's because of rainfall we get. If the sky is not cloudy, it is bright blue.

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