Monday, January 26, 2009


Home in PC
High of 80*

After spending Sunday recouping from my palm tree adventure I got back on my feet and hit the ground running today. I achieved a new personal best when I ran for SEVEN MILES! The first 6 were a piece of cake and the last one was tough but I worked it out, without walking a step. I spent the rest of my day preparing my lesson plans for a trenching/excavation safety class I am teaching on Wednesday. I watched this class a year ago but this will be my first time teaching it.

Kathy and I have decided to not install an underground irrigation sprinkler system. The county wants $90 for the permit and after a 60 day new planting waiver, we'll only be legally able to water on Thursdays before 8AM and after 6PM. That just doesn't seem worth the time and money it would cost to install the system. I collected soil samples to have analyzed at the University of Florida so we know if we need to add any soil amendments. Lacking an automated irrigation system, we will have to use free standing sprinklers to keep the seed moist for two weeks. To help manage it, we will divide the yards into smaller sections and do each one at a time before moving onto the other. There is still time to grow the whole yard in before the summer rainy season.

We decided we would use the money from our tree work to purchase rip-rap boulders and sand to shore up our beach and sea wall out back. You may recall we suffered quite a bit of beach erosion during Hurricane Gustav, due to the high storm surge. If we don't shore up the shore, we may not have a beach left after this hurricane season.

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