Thursday, January 1, 2009

BILL 5.1

For 2009 I am proud to introduce the newest version of me . . . . "Bill 5.1"

This model is more compact, stronger, faster and has a much greater life expectency than any prior version of Bill.

Here's the details:
Yesterday, I set a new personal best. What better day to go for it, than the last day of the year. It will be fun to see where I am at the end of 2009. I started off my workout alongside my wife, supporting her with D2W1 of C25K. She fared much better today, knowing what the intervals would be like. As soon as we completed her 1.7 mile trek, I took off for my run. I wasn't planning a long run, but about two miles in I started getting "that feeling." You know the feeling. It's the feeling that you're feeling IT. I got to thinking pretty deeply about how far I have come in just a few months and my body told me it had a lot to give today. My previous personal best was only 3.4 miles and I knew I could easily do four today. I have this great street track laid out in my neighborhood. Once around is exactly 1.7 miles, according to my truck odometer. As I completed the second lap (3.4) I knew I could make it to the stop sign, which would be another mile. As I approached the 4.4 mark, I knew my legs would have to get me home so I may as well continue running. I rounded the final corner to my own street, with only 0.3 to go. I'm gonna make it! I opened up my stride and before I could say wow, I had completed a 5.1 mile run! Adding in my wife's workout, it gave me 6.8 miles on my feet today. My first upcoming 5K, the St. Pete Beach Classic seems like a no brainer now. It's going to be a nice milestone to actually be a recorded finisher in my first event, but I am totally focused on the Bay to Bay 12K in March now. And I just found out about the ING Miami Marathon and half marathon. I won't be ready by January 25, but lookout 2010, here I come!

In the coming year I plan to release Bill 7.45 and Bill 13.0

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runmiami said...

Welcome to South Florida Bill and Kathy from the ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. Check out our other races, including 13.1 Miami on March 1 and 13.1 Ft. Lauderdale in November....two themed half marathons that are part of a national series we are launching with US Road Sports.

Also, as someone who visits Port Charlotte frequently, enjoy the peace and tranquility of our West Coast and be satisfied knowing that you are within 2 hours of great running events!