Tuesday, April 1, 2008

9:10 to Tampa

Port Charlotte, FL 70 degrees at sundown, occassional showers

The past ten days have been an absolute whirlwind of emotions. From the anxiety of leaving Phoenix to the utter frustration created by the moving company; from the tears of leaving loved ones behind to the joy of a fresh start. We have been through it all.

We got out of the Phoenix house on Friday night. We're not too sure if we will ever see our household belongings again but we are together and that's what really counts. I don't think it's really set in for my bride yet. Tomorrow we will go tour a potential new house at 10 AM. They are asking more than we will be offering, but so went the story of selling our house, right? It will be nice to shop and offer for a new house, knowing we don't have to be contingent on selling one. I really believe that will give us an edge.

We spent last Saturday on the lake in Phoenix. Our friends kidded us about milking out excessive going away parties. We will really miss you guys and we sincerely hope you all come visit us.

On the plane to Tampa we watched a new movie, "3:10 to Yuma." It was very, very good. We sat with a guy who had moved to Bradenton (45 mins from us) only 2 weeks ago. He is a health systems rep. for cisco systems. We shared what we had learned in the last 4 months and I think he concluded he needed to spend more time with us. He gave us a card and asked us to call him for lunch. He and his wife are from Texas, spent the last year in Pensacola and are interested in getting into boating.

This Sunday, Kathy and I are planning on going to brunch at Burnt Store Marina. I have a feeling, that will be at least a once a month tradition.

It's raining off and on tonight. From the looks of the roads around here, we missed the worst of it earlier today. It's 70 degrees, with 85% humidity. That might sound bad, but it's really not. I'm sure the summer will be worse so we'll just enjoy this while we can.

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Doni said...

Miss the heck out of you two! Looking forward to pics of the 'special' palm trees, Kathy on the beach etc., Keep um comin!
Til later...