Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ch, cha, change

Last Monday, we got over 50 hits on the blog site. Thanks to all who have shown interest. I am working a couple of days in the Miami/Homestead area so I thought I would post some pictures for you all to enjoy. The building under construction has a pool on the 10th floor. The winds up there were really strong. The building itself goes 40 stories.

We saw this homeless guy holding a sign we couldn't resist. When he saw me pointing the camera at him, he turned away. When we asked him to show the sign he said it would cost us a dollar. After a few minutes of negotiation he agreed to pose for the unknown amount of change my colleague had in his pocket. The reward ended up being 57 cents. We offered him a chance to upgrade to what might be in the ashtray by trading us his fine tee shirt, but I'm sorry to report he said NO DEAL!

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