Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Progress, As Promised

86 degrees at 5:00 PM est.
Kathy's at home in PCH
Bill's on the road in Stuart

We have made a ton of progress in getting unpacked. As you can see from the photo, it's starting to look like garage. We already sold the washer/dryer and wicker furniture via craigslist. We have some more stuff listed too.

We hadn't been there for a week and we had to call out the home warranty contract. Our air handler started leaking water through from the attic to the kitchen. We shut the air down to stop the water but of course it's a quite warm without a/c. The home warranty company had no record of us, since we had just closed escrow. It took two days to get a response and now, finally on the third day, Kathy has an HVAC company coming out tomorrow. I feel terrible for her stuck there while I'm in hotels. She's a real trooper and hasn't complained a bit.

The boat lift guys came out and installed new bunk boards, new stainless cables, greased all the motor ports and installed a kill switch. We will now be good to go with taking delivery of our boat on Friday.

Sorry I haven't written much lately, but the move in has been quite hectic. We met both sets of our next door neighbors last weekend. The full timers, Bob and Ellenor, are a very nice elderly couple. The part timers, Rolando and Kathy, live full time in Fort Lauderdale and come to PCH bi-weekly. He's an executive with Burger King and she's an attorney. They are about our age and they boat. We have good feelings about this potential friendship. They smoke, drink, boat and fish. What more could we ask for?

The daytime weather is starting to heat up in south Florida. The nights are still in the low to mid 60s. On my 4AM crossing from West to East coasts, I hit a lot of fog. There was one spot where the outside temperature showed 52. Brrrrrr........For the current conditions in PCH, scroll down to our weather report.

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