Friday, May 2, 2008

Home, sweet home

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HOME! in Port Charlotte
60 degrees at wakeup, 74% humidity and just beautiful

Boxes. . . we've got boxes.....come and get your boxeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!

The local movers were great. Three young guys, very professional and very helpful. The bedrooms are set up, we bought the living room and dining set from the sellers, we got the new washer/dryer set from them, so needless to say our garage is FULL!
Kathy is using her new Kenmore front load washer and dang, that thing is whisper quiet. We slept in our own bed last night for the first time in a long time and it was wonderful. Especially since we spent 30 minutes in the spa before bedtime. Our calf muscles were screaming out for mercy and the hot jets were just what we needed.

DirecTV is coming today. The 61" TV is gigantic in this new, smaller living room. Remember in Phoenix, we had the whole media wall. Well here, we're going to have to set it on some kind of table or something. I wish we would have sold it and bought a 37" Vizio we could have mounted on the wall. Reminds me of that new country song, "Things you'll never hear from a man." "Man, that HDTV is just too darn BIG."

We received a beautiful housewarming flower/plant arrangement from my dad. THANKS! Here's a picture of it, as well as some outdoor shots I took this morning. Let's see what I can do to turn this turfgrass around in the next month. This area of the country has been on draught watering restrictions for years. Listen to this: If you have an automated irrigation system, you can only water one day a week. If you are handwatering, with a shutoff trigger nozzle, you can water everyday. HUH? You'd think the automated watering would be more efficient than running a hose but who am I to say? We don't have an irrigation system, so I am doing my best field of dreams impersonation and watering by hand at night. The overnight humidity and dew make it nice for retaining water on the grass. I hope to have a nice stand of turf by June 1.

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