Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's a long, long road

80 degrees, 80 % humidity

Home in PCH

After three days of tough assessments at our newest business acquisition, it was time to hit the long, long road home. I ended up on a country road, not previously travelled by me. It's called the Martin Highway. It was 16 miles of beautiful tree lined, two lane blacktop, with very little traffic. The trees had grown together, so tall, they almost formed a tree tunnel to drive through.

It was quite a sight to see.

This was the most uncomfy day of the year, so far. They say it's gonna get worse but I just keep focusing on how nice the past six months have been. I can't believe I have been in FL for six months already.

Tomorrow, we will travel to Pine Island to pick up our boat. Kathy will drop me off at Carolyn and Larry's house and I will make the 45 mile journey up the Intercoastal Waterway. I am so excited, I can't stand it. The marine forecast calls for 15 kph winds, seas 2-4 feet and the inland waterways and bays a moderate chop. The low tide will be at 1:45AM and the next high tide will be 5:35PM. I plan on launching for home about noon, so I will have a rising and following tide come up the ICWW. I'll be on Channel 16, if you need me.

Our lift was modified at a cost of 1,000 dollars but at least it's good to go, now.

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